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Working with Personal Groups

By creating a personal group, you make it possible to conveniently access a saved set of students. A group could be a class, a reading group, or any specific set of students that you want to work with, or report on, together. Once you add a group, you can efficiently find and work with the members of that group. For example, you could easily change a story option for all of the students in a group.

Groups you create are not visible to any other staff members.

To add and maintain personal groups:

  1. Log in to the Staff Member Module.
  2. From the navigation menu, select My Groups.
  3. From the My Groups page, you can:
    • View basic information about your saved groups. 
    • Add groups.
    • Update group information, including the name, description, and group members.
    • Delete groups from the software.


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