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Playing Phontastic while waiting for a teacher

Phontastic is a word game in Word Warm-ups Live that keeps students engaged and learning while they wait for a teacher to conduct an exercise's Pass steps. The game includes a variety of multiple choice questions involving phonics patterns. Students interact with words, images, and sounds to answer each question.

Phontastic questions include the phonics patterns from the student's current section in Word Warm-ups Live. 

To play Phontastic:

  1. The student reads each Phontastic question. Each question begins with a word, image, or audio icon, followed by question text. For example, a question might consist of a picture of a hen, followed by the text "has the same ending sound as."
    The student can click any of the question elements, including images and audio icons, to hear words spoken aloud. For example, by clicking an image the student might hear the word "hen."
  2. The student reviews the possible answers.
    Answers can take the form of words or images. Clicking the answer options' words or images lets the student hear each possible answer as a spoken word. 
  3. The student answers the question by clicking the button next to the best answer
    The application plays a sound effect to indicate whether the answer was right or wrong. The correct answer word is displayed below the question.
    Each correct response adds 2 points to the student's score on the lower right. Each incorrect answer subtracts a single point from the student's score. If the student gets 5 correct answers in a row, they will see a "Bonus! 5 in a row!" message appear on their screen and receive 5 points instead of 2 for the answer.
  4. The student clicks Next to try another question.
  5. When the teacher is ready to conduct the Pass step for the exercise, she or he clicks Conduct Pass Activities in the header to log in.


  • The points accumulated in Phontastic are displayed to help keep students motivated. They are not reported on or saved in the software, and they do not accumulate between exercises.

Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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