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We're here to support you as you turn your struggling readers into confident learners. 

Let’s chat about how Read Naturally can help you. Every teacher's situation is unique. Book a time for a phone call or virtual meeting to discuss your specific needs and how Read Naturally can help your students.


Want an overview & demo of Read Live? Read Live includes four programs in one: a program that provides explicit phonics instruction, a motivating fluency-building program, an independent reading program, and a program to build the fluency of multilingual learners. We offer free demo sessions with a Read Live expert, tailored to your needs. After the demo, there is ample time for Q&A. Book for yourself or your whole team.


Ready to try Read Live with students? Experience the power of Read Live with your students, risk free for 60 days. After creating your free trial account, we’ll reach out to provide support as you get started with the program.


Interested in the research? Download this brief research overview to learn how our evidence-based strategy and programs align with the Science of Reading.


Information On Our Website

  • Intervention programs that develop the essential components of reading
  • Assessment tools for screening students and monitoring their progress
  • Knowledgebase of how-to information, support articles, free resources, and more
  • Training options, including seminars, coaching, self-study materials, and conference presentations
  • Research topics, including the research basis of our programs, studies showing positive results, and more

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Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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