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Merging Student Records

Account Administrators and School Coordinators can use the Merge Selected Students feature to merge two student records in an account. 

This situation may occur when a rostering or import process brings new students into an account without properly matching them to existing student records. A student using a Single Sign-On application may be able to open Read Live using the newly-imported student record, but any previous work the student performed is saved under the old student record. The Merge Selected Students feature allows the Staff Member Module user to combine the two student records.

To Merge Two Student Records:

  1. In the Staff Member Module, choose Student Administration.
  2. Choose Student Setup.
  3. Select the two students who need to be merged using the checkboxes in the student grid.
  4. Choose the Merge Selected Students button at the top of the page. 
    The Do you want to merge these students? dialog opens.
  5. In the dialog:
    1. Be sure the new student with the correct login credentials is Student 1, on the left.
    2. Be sure Student 2, on the right, is the student record with previous saved work. 
  6. Click the Yes button at the bottom of the dialog.

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