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Adding a Staff Member

Permission to add a staff member is based on role.

  • Account Administrators can add any staff members.
  • School Coordinators can add staff members in the School Coordinator, Teacher, and Read Live Assistant roles.
  1. Log in to the Staff Member Module.
  2. From the navigation menu, select Staff Member Administration.
  3. Click Add Staff Member.
  4. On the Staff Member Details page, enter the new staff member's name.
  5. Under Role, select the role you would like to assign to the staff member.
    • Account Administrator is an ideal role for anyone who needs full access to account, school, staff member, and student information. For a district account, this might be an information technology staff member. For a school account, this might be a Response to Intervention (RTI) coordinator.
    • School Coordinator is an ideal role for Title I teachers, English language learner (ELL) teachers, special education teachers, RTI coordinators, reading teachers, reading coaches, specialists, and principals. In this role they can work with all licensed students at a school and have access to all students' Read Live data.
    • Teacher is an ideal role for teachers working with specific groups of students. Teachers make educational decisions, such as decisions about placement or story options, for their own students.
    • Read Live Assistant is an ideal role for parents, after-school staff members, volunteers, or tutors who will be working with students. Read Live Assistants can only access students in the Staff Module when they have been added to the Team of another staff member. Once they have been added to a Team, they can help students on that Team using the Waiting List.
  6. Select the staff member's school. If a staff member needs to work in multiple schools, select All Schools. If a staff member will only be working in a specific school, select that school. Staff members in the School Coordinator role must be affiliated with a specific school.
  7. Enter the staff member's email address and user ID. 
  8. If you are finished, click Save & Close. If you would like to add another staff member, click Save & Add Another.


  • Use care to enter email addresses correctly. The software uses these addresses to send the staff member login information and other important notifications.
  • Staff member user IDs can be from 1 to 100 characters and are not case sensitive.

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