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Completing the Practice Word List step

The Practice Word List step guides students as they read each word list twice, once down the columns and once across the rows. The application times the students, calculating a Words Per Minute rate for each attempt. When students have read the word list the required number of times, meeting their goal rate at least once, they can move to the next step.

To complete the Practice Word List step:

  1. On the Practice Word List page, click Start Timing.
    The Student can click Cancel Timing at any point to stop the timing.
  2. Saying each word aloud, read the list of words down the columns. 
    The student can click on any of the words to hear them pronounced.
  3. After reading all the columns, click Finished
  4. Read the list of words across the rows.
  5. After reading all the rows, click Finished again.
    The practice results appear in the Scores box.
  6. The student practices until he or she reaches his or her Word List goal and has read the required number of times.
  7. The student clicks Next to continue to the next step.


  • Word List timings are scored differently in Word Warm-ups Live than in Read Naturally Live:
    • In Word Warm-ups Live, students always read the entire word list. The application does not end the practice after a set period of time.
    • The application calculates the number of words read per minute by the student based on the time it took to read the list by columns and then by rows.
  • After 10 practice attempts, students can move on to the next step even without meeting their goal.

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