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Allowing Students to Complete the Cold Timing Step Independently

By default, the Cold Timing step requires a teacher to be present. Read Naturally recommends that you teach students to time themselves and that you are present for the first few stories to coach them through self-timing. This helps you check whether placement is appropriate and determine whether the student is able to self-time.

As soon as you determine a student's placement is correct and that the student is able to self-time, he or she could be released to do cold timings independently.

Important note: Because adequate data is necessary to support valid suggestions, if a teacher is not present at a student's Cold Timings Data Mentor suggestions will not be made for that student. 

To enable students to complete the Cold Timing step independently:

  1. Open the Story Options page, either at the student's workstation or in the Staff Member Module.
  2. To allow students to do the Cold Timing step on their own:
    • In the Staff Member Module, under Cold Timing, select Student independent.
    • In the Student Module, under Cold Timing, change the Teacher Required switch from YES to NO​.
  3. Click Save or Save & Close.

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