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Video: Read Live: Setting up an account (7335 Views)
This video demonstrates how the account administrator logs in to Read Live the first time, adds schools and staff members, imports student data, and allocates and distributes licenses to schools and staff members.
Video: Read Live: Importing student data into a new account (2395 Views)
This video explains how account administrators can import data for multiple students at the same time by creating and then importing a CSV file into a new account. In the demonstration, the data was exported from a student management system.
Video: Read Live: Updating student data by importing data (619 Views)
This video explains how account administrators can update student data at the beginning of a school year by exporting data from a student management system and then importing it into an existing Read Live account.
Video: Read Live: Setting up students (6564 Views)
This video explains how to enroll students in Read Live, assign them licenses, make students inactive, and delete students.
Video: Read Naturally Live: Placing students (16820 Views)
This video explains how to place students in Read Naturally Live with an appropriate series (curriculum), level, and goal. Read Naturally Live includes an online placement test that guides teachers through the placement process.
Video: Read Naturally Live: Working through a story (32072 Views)
This video explains the steps a student follows in Read Naturally Live.
Video: Read Naturally Live: Special features of phonics stories (4862 Views)
This video shows how the steps of the Phonics series stories are different from the steps of the Sequenced series stories in Read Naturally Live.
Video: Read Naturally Live: Options for students who do not pass (2568 Views)
This video explains the options available to teachers when a student does not meet all of the criteria for passing a story in Read Naturally Live.
Video: Read Naturally Live: Setting story options (3209 Views)
Many of the steps in Read Naturally Live can be customized to fit the needs of individual students. This video demonstrates how you can turn off steps, allow independent cold readings, adjust the number of read alongs, and change the duration of practices and hot timings.
Video: Read Naturally Live: Monitoring student performance (3656 Views)
This video explains how to monitor students' performance with Read Naturally Live reports and make adjustments to ensure that students are continually challenged.
Video: Read Live: Improving efficiency with groups (1462 Views)
This video explains how to create and manage groups of students. A group could be a class, reading group, homeroom, or any other group of students you want to manage together. For example, you could change story options for all students in a group at one time or generate reports for the group as a whole.
Video: Benchmark Assessor Live: Assessing students (3721 Views)
This video explains how to administer an assessment using Benchmark Assessor Live, a component of Read Live. While the student reads an assessment passage on paper, the examiner follows along using either a paper copy of the same passage or with the Benchmark Assessor Live software.
Video: Introducing Read Live (22928 Views)
This video provides an overview of Read Live, a comprehensive, research-based program that includes Benchmark Assessor Live for screening students for overall reading proficiency, and our newest intervention program, Read Naturally Live, with curriculum that supports fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and phonics.
Video: Why reading fluency is important (6592 Views)
Why do Read Naturally Live, Encore, Masters Edition (ME), Software Edition (SE), and GATE focus on fluency? Watch this short video to learn the answer and hear more about why building fluency is so important for struggling readers.
Video: One Minute Reader app (6188 Views)
Introducing One Minute Reader! Struggling readers need more than just books. They need a structured reading program that applies research-based principles to keep them on track and maximize results. They need a reading program like One Minute Reader.
Video: Read Naturally Strategy (2744 Views)
The Read Naturally Strategy is the foundation of the Read Naturally Live, Encore, ME, SE and GATE programs. This strategy combines three principles—teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring— that research has shown to be powerful strategies for improving students' reading skills.
Video: Placement process for Read Naturally Strategy programs (1395 Views)
This video walks you through the placement process and explains how to find the appropriate level, curriculum, and goal for each student who is about to begin using a Read Naturally Strategy program.
Video: Conducting a one-minute timing (743 Views)
This video explains how to conduct a one-minute timing to assess a student's reading fluency (words correct per minute).
Video: Read Naturally SE: Placing students (2095 Views)
This video explains how to place a student correctly in Read Naturally Software Edition. When you place a student, you choose an instructional level, set a reading-rate goal, and choose a curriculum that is appropriate for him or her.
Video: Read Naturally SE: Getting around (791 Views)
This video explains the basic layout of Read Naturally Software Edition. It explains the basic layout of both Teacher Management and Student Stories.

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