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pointer​  Video: Setting Up an Account

This video demonstrates how the account administrator logs in to Read Live the first time, adds schools and staff members, imports student data, and allocates and distributes licenses to schools and staff members.

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pointer Watch the "Setting Up an Account" video on YouTube

pointer  Video: Importing Student Data into a New Account

pointer  Video: Updating Student Data with the Import Feature

pointer  Video: Setting Up Students

pointer  Video: Placing Students

pointer  Video: Working Through a Story, Part 1 
    (Select a Story, Key Words, Prediction, Cold Timing)

pointer  Video: Working Through a Story, Part 2
    (Read Along, Practice, Quiz, Retell)

pointer  Video: Working Through a Story, Part 3
    (Pass: Wait-Time Activities, Hot Timing, Grade Quiz, Grade Retell, Review Work)

pointer  Video: Special Features of Phonics Stories

pointer  Video: Options for Students Who Do Not Pass a Story

pointer  Video: Setting Story Options

pointer  Video: Monitoring Student Performance

pointer  Video: Improving Efficiency With Groups

pointer  Video: Assessing Students in Benchmark Assessor Live


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