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Resetting Stories

If a student is struggling with a particular story and cannot pass it, you can reset the story and allow the student to try it again later. Resetting a story discards all of the student's data and scores for that story.

Account Administrators and School Coordinators, Teachers, and Read Live Assistants can reset stories for any students, regardless of the students' lead teachers. Read Live Assistants can reset stories only from a student's workstation.

To reset stories from the Student Module:

  1. With a student logged in, click Teacher in the page header.
  2. If prompted to log in, enter your user ID and password and click Log in.
  3. Click Reset Story.
  4. Under "Do you want to reset these stories," change NO to YES for the story (or stories) you want to reset.
  5. Click Reset Selected Stories and click Yes to confirm.

To reset stories from the Staff Member Module:

  1. From the navigation menu, select Read Naturally Live.
  2. Find the name of the student, and in the Reset Story column, click Reset.
  3. In the Read Naturally Live > Reset Stories page, select the story (or stories) to reset.
  4. Click Reset & Close, and click Yes to confirm.

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