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Checking Initial Placement

Once a student has finished three stories, check the student's data to see whether he or she is placed correctly. Refer to the student's reports, including the Student Read Naturally Live Placement Report, to find the necessary data.

To check placement, ask yourself:

  • Is the student's cold-timing score approximately 30 less than the goal for students below fifth grade, or 40 less than the goal for students in fifth grade and above?
  • Can the student read at the goal rate after practicing three to ten times?
  • Is the hot-timing score at, or just above, the goal?
  • Does the student answer most of the questions correctly?

Students are correctly placed when most of their data fit within these suggested ranges for cold and hot timings, number of practices, and comprehension questions. Use these guidelines and your judgment to determine whether placement is correct.

If a student has been incorrectly placed, explain to the student that you made a mistake when placing him or her. Then, adjust the student's level or goal as needed, and continue to monitor the student until you feel confident that the student is placed correctly.

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