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Sorting and Filtering

Sorting and filtering the entries on a list can make it easier to find students and staff members you need to access. Use filters to narrow a list to entries that meet certain criteria. This can be especially helpful if you have many students, and need to locate a particular set.

  1. Click the name of a column to sort by that column. Click the name again to sort in the opposite direction.
  2. Click the filter icon to the left of each column's name to narrow a list using that column. You can choose various ways to narrow the list, including showing only entries that contain the text you enter. 
  3. Click Apply to update the list using your criteria.
  4. Click the same filter icon again and click Reset to stop narrowing the list by that column. 


  • You can apply more than one filter at a time. For example, a teacher who has students at more than one school might filter by the School column and then the Grade column, allowing him or her to review the work of 4th graders at a single school.
  • Any sorting and filters you apply on a page will remain in effect until you clear them or log out of the program. If you narrow a list to review only specific students and then want to see the whole list again, click the filter icon and then click Reset.

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