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Setting the number of Word List Practices

By default, three Practice attempts are required for word list exercises. You can set the number of practices from 1 to 5 for each student, depending on the student's individual needs.

Students need to complete the required number of practices while also meeting their WCPM goal at least once in order to move on.

To change the number of required Word List Practice steps:

  1. In the student module, click the Teacher button in the page header.
  2. In the dialog that opens, enter your User ID and Password and click Log in.
  3. Select Change Exercise Options
  4. In the Word List Exercises area, choose the new number of practices from the Required practices control.
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. Click Close to return to the student's current step.


Any student who completes 10 Word List Practice attempts will be able to move to the next step in an exercise, whether or not he or she has met the WCPM goal.


Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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