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Distance Learning Tools

​Read Naturally Live includes flexible distance learning tools meant to help teachers coordinate remote students' work. These features allow students to continue making progress in a variety of educational settings.

The Waiting List
A Waiting List page in the Staff Member Module displays students who need a teacher's help to continue working on their stories. From the Waiting List:

  • Teachers can open the Story Details report for a student's current story.
  • Teachers can see which students have saved the necessary recordings for a hot timing of the current story.
  • Teachers can click a Login button to open a Read Live session for any waiting student.
    Once a Read Live session is open, a teacher can either use internet conferencing tools to conduct a live timing with the student, or conduct a hot timing using a student's saved recordings.

Student Recordings
Read Live's recording features allow students to save readings during the Pass step of each story. Recordings can be made for both stories and word lists. The recordings can later be used by teachers to score hot timings, whether or not the student is present. 

  • The Pass/Recording step opens after the Pass/More Practice step for any student whose browser supports Read Live's recording features.
    Note: iPads currently do not support student recordings in Read Live. See the System Requirements in the Read Live application.
  • Students can review each recording. They can replace the recording as many times as they like before clicking Next to move on.
  • In the Phonics series, students who have saved a story recording can also leave one for that story's word list.
    The Pass/Word List Recording step opens after a student has saved a story recording on Pass/Recording and clicked Next. 
  • From the Waiting List page in the Staff Member Module, a teacher can see which students have left the necessary recordings for their current stories.
  • New options are available on the Pass/Hot Timing and Pass/Word List steps when a student has saved a recording. In place of the Start Timing button, these pages offer two options when a recording is present:
    • Choosing Score Recording begins a timing and plays the student's story recording. The teacher conducts the hot timing as usual, including clicking the last word the student read at the end of the reading; entering the number of errors; and choosing an Expression score.
    • Choosing Conduct Live Timing starts a regular hot timing without playing the recording. This option is always available, even when students have recorded the story.

Important Note

Student recordings are not saved after the relevant hot timing steps have been completed for a story. Access to the recordings is limited to the teacher who conducts pass activities for each story. See the Read Live Privacy and Security Policy for more information. 




Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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