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Completing the Look, Listen & Respond step

The Look, Listen & Respond step teaches the student the phonics pattern taught in the exercise. General lessons on top of the page are followed by specific examples below. Students hear all the lessons on the page before advancing to the next step.

To complete the Look, Listen & Respond step:

  1. Listen to a phonics lesson as the page opens. The lesson describes phonics patterns in the exercise.
  2. When the lesson is done, the words on the page become enabled, allowing the student to click on them.
  3. Click each of the words on top of the page from left to right.
    Some words open a series of flashcards. Students are asked to pronounce each flashcard's text and then compare their attempt to a model pronunciation. 
    Most words open a window with an image highlighting the phonetics of the word. Listen to an audio lesson about the word. 
    When all of the lessons on top of the page have been heard, the words across the bottom of the page are enabled.
  4. Click each word on the bottom of the page, in any order.
    As the words are clicked, a window opens displaying each word's phonetics and playing an audio lesson about the word.
    When all of the words have been clicked, the Next button is enabled.
  5. Click Next to move to the next step.

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