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Reserving Licenses for Schools

By default, schools are set to use any available licenses in the account. Using this method, staff members can assign any licenses available in the account on a first-come, first-served basis, until the total number of licenses in the account is being used. This licensing method is convenient for accounts that have just one school.

Instead, a school can reserve a specific number of licenses. If your account has more than one school, Read Naturally recommends reserving a specific number of licenses for each school. Reserving licenses prevents one school from assigning all the licenses to their students, leaving none for other schools.

For example, Angela is the Account Administrator for a multi-school account, so she chooses to reserve a specific number of licenses for each of her schools. She reserves 30 licenses for Pine City School. This allows staff members to assign up to 30 licenses to Pine City students—but no more. Even when some Pine City licenses remain unassigned, those licenses can’t be used for students at other schools, because the licenses are held in reserve for Pine City.

Only Account Administrators can reserve licenses for schools.

To change the licensing method for a school:

  1. Log in to the Staff Member Module.
  2. From the navigation menu, choose Account & School Administration.
  3. On the Account page, review the school list on the right. It displays the number of licenses reserved for, and assigned to students at, each school in the account.
  4. Click the name of the school you need to edit.
  5. On the School Details page, check the summary of current licensing at the bottom left.
    This area shows the greatest number of licenses you could currently reserve for the school, based on the account's total and the number in use at other schools. It also tells you how many licenses are already assigned to students at this school.
  6. Select a licensing method, as follows:
    • To allow students at the school to be assigned any unassigned licenses in the account, select School can use any available licenses within the account.
      This school's students will be able to use any licenses that are not in use by other students, or reserved for other schools.
    • To reserve a specific number of licenses for this school, select Reserve exactly this many licenses and enter a number of licenses.
      This school's students will be limited to the number of licenses you reserve. Other schools in the account will not be able to assign any of the reserved licenses to their students.
  7. Click Save & Close.


  • The School Details page shows "licenses available to reserve." If you choose to reserve licenses for the school, this number represents the most licenses you can currently add to the number already in the Reserve exactly this many licenses box.
  • The School Details page also shows the number of licenses assigned to students in the school. If you choose to reserve licenses for the school, this is the minimum number of licenses that can be reserved for the school. If you want to reserve fewer licenses for the school, you will need to remove the licenses from some students at the school and then return to reduce the number of licenses reserved for the school.

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