Read Live User Guide

Options for Students Who Do Not Pass

If a student does not successfully meet one or more of the criteria for passing a Story exercise, after reviewing the student's work, the teacher decides the best course of action on the Pass/Remedial Actions page.

  1. On the Pass/Remedial Actions page, view the student's results for each pass requirement.
  2. Select a remedial action for each pass requirement that has not been met.​

    If the student's performance in reviewing the story did not meet expectations, you can return the student to the Read Along and/or Practice Story steps again.

    If the student's Quick Quiz attempt included one or more wrong answers, you can return the student to fix the wrong responses by choosing Redo quick quiz

    If the student has not met the requirements, but you want to pass the student anyway, you can choose Pass with current scores. The student will see the Congratulations page and then go back to the Select an Exercise step.
  3. Click Next to continue.
    ​The student is required to complete any remedial actions you selected. If you selected multiple remedial actions, the software prompts the student to complete the steps in order.

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