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Permissions by Role

Permission to complete different actions is based on your assigned role in the software. The following table outlines the permissions available to each role.

Permissions by Role in Read Live

Permission Account
Teacher Read Live
Edit your profile or password yes yes yes yes
Add, edit account information yes no no no
Start a new school year yes no no no
Add, edit, or delete schools yes no no no
Reserve licenses for schools yes no no no
View school-level reports yes yes no no
Staff Members
Add, edit, delete other staff members:        
Account Administrators yes no no no
School Coordinators yes yes no no
Teachers yes yes no no
Read Live Assistants yes yes no no
Unlock staff member user IDs yes yes no no
Add, edit students yes yes yes no
Delete students yes yes no no
Assign license & lead teacher to student yes yes yes no
Remove license from students yes yes yes* no
Change student homerooms yes yes yes no
Transfer student to a new school yes no yes** no
Import student data yes yes no no
Add, edit, delete personal Groups yes yes yes no
Place student yes yes yes* no
View & print reports, parent letters yes yes yes* no
Change Story Options yes yes yes* no
Change series/level/goal yes yes yes* no
Print welcome letter yes yes yes no
Reset story yes yes yes* student module only​​
Print awards yes yes yes* student module only
Print stories yes yes yes student module only
Force logout of logged-in student student module only
Conduct cold timings and pass activities student module only​
Review Student Work student module only

* Actions marked with a single asterisk can be performed in the staff member module by a Teacher only if they are the student's lead teacher. For example, if Ms. Brown is assigned a Teacher role, she can use the Staff Member Module to place only students for whom she is the lead teacher. 

** Staff members can transfer students to another school only if they are affiliated with "All schools." Staff members affiliated with a particular school cannot transfer students.

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