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Student Recordings While Waiting for a Teacher

Students whose browser supports Read Naturally Live's recording features can make a recording of themselves reading the story. The recording can later be used as a hot timing. See Distance Learning Tools for a description of how recordings can be managed in distance learning settings.

  • The Pass/Recording step opens after Pass/More Practice if the student's browser supports recording.
  • Students can make a recording, review it, and replace it with another try if they like. 
  • Once a student clicks Next to leave Pass/Recording, the student cannot return to save any more story readings.
  • If the student is in a Phonics level and has the Word List step turned on, a separate Pass/Word List Recording page allows the student to record a timing for the story's word list.
  • Teachers can later use the student's recordings to conduct hot timings for the story and, in the Phonics series, the word list. See Distance Learning Tools.

Saving a Student Recording:

  1. If a teacher is not immediately available on the Pass/More Practice step, the student clicks Start Timing to practice. When the teacher is ready to pass the student, the student can finish the practice or click Cancel Timing to stop the timing.
  2. After practicing once, if the student has more time to wait, he or she can practice again or click Next to:
    a) save a recording for the teacher on the Pass/Recording step; and/or
    b) answer Wordtastic vocabulary questions while waiting for the teacher.
  3. On Pass/Recording, students can save and review recordings of themselves reading the story.
    By clicking on the last word they read during a recording, students can see how many words per minute (WPM) they read. Reviewing their WPM and listening to the recording can help students decide whether they are ready for the recording to be heard by a teacher.
    The student's last saved recording can then be used by teachers, including those in distance learning environments, as a hot timing. 
  4. On Pass/Word List Recording, students in the Phonics series can save and review recordings of themselves reading the word list for the story.
  5. In Wordtastic, students answer each question by clicking the button next to the best answer. Students can click a word to hear it pronounced. The software reveals the correct answer, and then the student clicks Next Question to continue.
  6. Students alternate practicing the story and playing the Wordtastic vocabulary game until the teacher arrives to conduct the hot timing.

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