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Using the Phonics Series

Students working in the Phonics series follow most of the same steps as students working in the Sequenced series. However, there are some differences:

  • Key Words Step: When the student clicks on a key word, the audio gives a short lesson on the featured phonics element in that word rather than the definition of the word.
  • Quiz Step: The questions do not adhere to the same pattern as the Sequenced series. The Phonics questions and answers incorporate the featured phonics pattern(s).
  • Word List/Retell Step: Students do not complete the Retell step during a Phonics story. Instead, after the Quiz step, students complete the Practice Word List step.
  • Spelling Step: Students spell three words related to the text of the Phonics story they are reading. 
  • Pass Step: Students must complete a word-list pass timing during the Pass step.

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