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Reading Along

By default, a student is required to read along three times as the narrator reads the story. Teachers can change the number of required read alongs.

  1. On the Read Along page, the student clicks Start Read Along.
  2. The student quietly reads aloud as the narrator reads each sentence. The student can click Cancel Read Along to stop the read along. Canceled read alongs, when the student stops the recording before it is finished, do not count toward the number of completed read alongs.
  3. The student reads with the narrator until he or she finishes the required number of read alongs. On the right, the page displays the number of required read alongs remaining.
  4. When a read along is not in progress, the student can click the highlighted vocabulary words to see and hear their definitions.
  5. After completing the required number of read alongs, the student can either click Start Read Along again for more practice or click Next to continue.

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