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Licenses and Lead Teachers

A lead teacher is assigned whenever a student is given a Read Live license. A student's lead teacher is the staff member who makes educational decisions in Read Live for that student. Lead teachers are responsible for initially placing their students, adjusting their students' series, levels, and goals, customizing their story options, and viewing their reports to monitor progress.

In the Staff Member Module, staff members in the Teacher role make changes to students for whom they are the lead teacher. For example, a Teacher can remove the license of a student for whom they are the lead teacher. They cannot remove the license of a student who has a different lead teacher. Staff members in the Account Administrator or School Coordinator roles can make changes for students with any lead teacher.

In the Student Module, any staff member is able to assist any student. For example, a Teacher can supervise a student passing a story, whether or not they are that student's lead teacher. Some changes, including manual changes to a student's assignment in Read Naturally Live, cannot be made by staff members who are not the student's Lead Teacher.

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