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Read Naturally GATE+ aligns with all of the IES recommendations for teaching foundational reading skills in the early grades.

​​​​​​​If you’re a Read Live user, we hope you’re taking advantage of FREE One Minute Reader Live access this summer to accelerate your students’ gains and ensure they don’t lose the progress they’ve made this year. OMR Live is completely independent and ideally suited for summer learning. Teachers typically have just one concern: How can we trust that the students will put in the time and effort on their own? Rest assured, OMR Live is inherently rewarding, and kids love it! Beyond this, consider boosting their motivation by implementing a fun incentive program.

You know that Read Naturally programs work. Maybe you’ve talked to other teachers in your building or tried our free trial, or maybe you’ve even used our programs with your students in the past. Here’s the challenge—how do you pay for them?

In our ongoing commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, we are thrilled to announce some exciting updates to the Read Live platform. Read Naturally recently received a letter of conformance stating that the Read Live platform now conforms with Level A and AA of the WCAG version 2.1.

Read Naturally stories capture students’ curiosity and keep them engaged. This is, of course, by design. Why would a reluctant reader want to read about a boring topic?

What is the best way to ensure your Read Live students don't lose the progress they made in reading this year? Have them work in One Minute Reader Live over the summer! In school, the majority of Read Live students are working in Read Naturally Live. All of these students also have free access to One Minute Reader Live—an effective and fun summer reading tool.

Since 1967, International Children's Book Day has been celebrated on or around Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday on April 2. Here are some ways to celebrate.

Congrats to our April Star of the Month for the 2023-2024 school year, Alexia! Alexia is a third-grade student at Campus Canyon school in Moorpark, CA, who is has made huge strides using Read Naturally Live. Here is what Alexia's teacher, Ms. Lemus, had to say about her:

As you prepare to assess students in reading this spring, take a moment to read these wise words from Read Naturally founder, Candyce Ihnot.

It's now well past February, but the remnants of Valentine's Day still linger in my couch cushions. The handmade cards are always my favorite ones to find… especially the ones wishing a "Happy Valantine's Day." I asked my first grader if he knew what makes the word Valentine so hard to spell. He guessed, "Because it's a long word," which is half right. Long words are usually multisyllabic, and multisyllabic words usually have a schwa. The schwa sound—such as the one on the first "e" in Valentine—is notorious for making words difficult to read and spell.

Make Your Student a STAR!

Read Naturally Star of the Month​Share your student’s success story—nominate him or her for our Star of the Month award. Win a Barnes & Noble gift card for the student and a Read Naturally gift certificate for your class!

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