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  • Fluency
  • Phonics
  • Phonemic

Additional Support:
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension

Skill Level: Grade 1
Intervention Range: Grade 1‒3

Teach phonemic awareness, phonics, and other foundational reading skills to beginning readers with Read Naturally GATE+'s explicit reading instruction. This motivating program provides scripted, interactive phonemic awareness and phonics exercises based on scientific research. Students master high-frequency words and decoding skills as they improve their fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary.
pointer GATE+ aligns with IES recommendations for building foundational reading skills.

GATE+ provides...

  • A systematic, direct-instruction phonics program for beginning readers.
  • Instruction in all five components of reading (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension) in every lesson.
  • Carefully scripted phonics lessons that can be easily taught by a teacher or teacher assistant to small groups or a whole class.
  • Digital downloads including student workbooks, progress graphs, PowerPoint lessons to display on a screen or Smartboard, assessments, and more.
  • A powerful, motivating system that follows the Science of Reading.
  • Nonfiction text as required by state standards.


  • Develop phonemic awareness by segmenting and blending sounds in words.
  • Strengthen proficiency with letter sounds.
  • Learn to decode and then spell short, phonetically regular words.
  • Learn to read high-frequency words with automaticity.
  • Learn to read decodable sentences.
  • Apply phonics skills to encode (spell) new words.
  • Analyze and read words with inflected endings.
  • Build fluency using word lists and leveled, nonfiction stories.
  • Develop comprehension through a prediction about the story, comprehension questions, and a sentence about the story.
  • Develop vocabulary through direct instruction of key words featuring the sound(s) taught in the lesson.

Read Naturally GATE+ accelerates reading achievement by combining the research-proven strategies of teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring to teach phonemic awareness and phonics, develop fluency, and provide support for comprehension and vocabulary. Teachers present scripted, interactive lessons to groups of students.

Students respond as they interact with letters, key words, and stories in the teacher's flipbook and in their workbooks. As the group works through the steps, the students master letter sounds, decodable words, high-frequency words, decodable sentences, and a nonfiction story. Students track progress on their graphs.​

Read Naturally GATE+ Steps
  1. Learn About and Listen for Vowel Sounds in Words 
    The teacher provides the sound of a featured letter or letter combination, and the students decide if various words contain that sound. This listening activity promotes phonemic awareness, in particular the ability to recognize the featured sounds in each word.
  2. Blend Sounds Into Words
    The teacher blends letter sounds together slowly, and the students determine what word the teacher has made. This listening activity improves phonemic awareness, in particular the ability to recognize words made by sounds or word parts blended together.
  3. Segment Words Into Sounds 
    Using sound boxes, students make a dot in a box for each sound they hear the teacher say. This phonemic awareness activity develops students' ability to recognize the sounds made by the letters in words.
  4. Practice Letter Sounds With and Without Teacher Support
    Students practice the letter sounds with and then without teacher support. These activities promote the mastery of the sounds of the featured letters.
  5. Decode Sound-Out Words With Teacher Support
    The teacher and the students slowly blend the letter sounds into words. This teaches the decoding of phonetically regular words (sound-out words) containing the featured sounds. Many of these words are also high-frequency words.
  6. Read the Spell-Out Word(s) With Teacher Support
    The teacher gives a lesson on one or more phonetically irregular, high-frequency words (spell-out words) and guides the students through the process of reading the word, spelling the word, and reading the word again until the students can do these steps independently. Students learn to read and spell dozens of useful words as well as a strategy for learning phonetically irregular, high-frequency words in the future.
  7. Read the Lesson Words Without Teacher Support
    The students read each lesson word as the teacher points to the word. This promotes mastery of decoding sound-out words containing featured sounds and mastery of reading the spell-out words taught in the lesson.
  8. Read Words Down, Read Words Across, and Read Words Down and Across
    With teacher guidance, students practice reading down the columns of words in a word list and then reading across the rows of words. This step highlights the patterns in words, teaches common word families and high-frequency words, and teaches the decoding of words with the featured phonics patterns.
  9. Read Decodable Sentences
    Students read decodable sentences made up of the words and sounds they learned in the current and previous lessons. This step provides practice reading connected text with the featured phonics pattern(s).
  10. Spelling
    Students write spell-out words and sound-out words from the story. This step develops phonemic awareness, gives students practice writing short words with the featured phonics patterns as well as irregular high-frequency words, and improves spelling skills.
  11. Make a Prediction
    The group writes a prediction sentence together. This pre-reading activity prepares the students’ minds for reading a nonfiction story that emphasizes the featured phonics pattern(s).
  12. Cold Timing for One Minute and Mark the Cold-Timing Score on the Graph
    The teacher times the class for one minute as each student reads the story independently and determines their words correct per minute. Each student graphs their cold-timing score in blue. This step establishes a baseline for progress monitoring, the component of the Read Naturally Strategy that motivates the student to improve.
  13. Read Along With the Teacher
    The students read along quietly with the teacher, stopping to decode unfamiliar words containing the featured sound(s). This step is the teacher-modeling component of the Read Naturally Strategy, which helps the students learn new words and master others as well as learn proper pronunciation, expression, and phrasing.
  14. Practice and Pass the Story and Mark the Final Score on the Graph
    The teacher times the students for one minute multiple times while each student reads the story independently. During the pass-timing portion, the teacher typically listens to each student read individually. This step is the repeated-reading component of the Read Naturally Strategy, which helps students improve fluency, master difficult words, and understand the story. Each student graphs their pass-timing score in red above the cold-timing score (in blue) to show how much the student's fluency has improved.
  15. Answer the Questions
    Students answer questions about the story. Responding to the text holds the student accountable for meaning, develops the ability to answer many types of questions, and provides teachers with information about how well the student comprehends the story.
  16. Write a Sentence About the Story (optional)
    Students write about something they remember from the story, which improves comprehension.

Read Naturally GATE+ levels are:

  • Level 0.8 (short vowels and high frequency words).
  • Level 1.3 (long vowels and high frequency words).
  • Level 1.8 (consonant blends, digraphs, suffixes, and high frequency words).

pointer Scope and sequence of skills/featured sounds by lesson

Each level includes a book of reproducible masters and a double-purposed teacher’s guide/display book. 

Teacher's Lesson Flipbook

The Teacher's Lesson Flipbook includes:

  • Color-coded script for each of the 24 lessons in the level.
  • Visual displays for students, including letters, sound-out words, spell-out words, decodable sentences, stories, and word lists.

Teacher's Manual

The Teacher's Manual includes program information, instructions on how to use it with students, and a sample lesson.

Digital Downloads

A USB drive (compatible with both USB-A and USB-C ports) with digital downloads to print includes:

  • An optional PowerPoint slideshow for each lesson that teachers can use with the script in the lesson flipbook.
  • Student workbooks, which include sound boxes, word lists, decodable sentences, spelling activities, high-interest, leveled nonfiction stories, and comprehension activities.
  • Student record sheets for stories and word lists.
  • A crossword puzzle for each lesson.
  • Answer keys.
  • High-Frequency Words List.
  • Lessons and Sounds List.
  • Pronunciation Guide.
  • Parent letter.
  • Prediction and retell organizer.
  • Achievement certificate.
  • High-frequency word assessments.
  • Progress check assessments.
  • A fidelity checklist.
  • A digital version of the teacher's manual.

Download samples of the Teacher's Lesson Flipbook and Digital Downloads included with Read Naturally GATE+:

Description Item Number Item Price, $ Quantity
Read Naturally GATE+ Level 0.8 (Short Vowels/High-Frequency Words) GTP08 $175.00
Read Naturally GATE+ Level 1.3 (Long Vowels/High-Frequency Words) GTP13 $175.00
Read Naturally GATE+ Level 1.8 (Digraphs, Blends, and Suffixes/High-Frequency Words) GTP18 $175.00

Choosing a Read Naturally GATE level

Choose this level... for students who... and who need to develop these decoding skills
0.8 know the letters of the alphabet, have some knowledge of the letter sounds, and are able to recognize at least 15 to 20 written words short-vowel sounds
1.3 read at an early to mid first-grade level long-vowel sounds
1.8 read at a mid to late first-grade level digraphs, blends, and suffixes

pointer Scope and sequence of skills/featured sounds by lesson

Note: If you need replacement Student Story Books for GATE for Phonics, the legacy version of GATE, contact Read Naturally for more information.

Customer Reviews

Mar 7, 2024


I have an older edition and just submitted a purchase order to my principal for the new version! Unfortunately she replied we are purchasing a new color printer instead

Customer Service Mar 8, 2024

Thank you for the review, Tracey! Fingers crossed that GATE+ is in the running for next year! :)

Feb 13, 2024


I teach small group intervention at the elementary level. I love the Gate program as it helps build student fluency skills in a fun way. My students love seeing their progress as they are able to read a higher number of words with each practice, and as they move through the program. I have been using the Read Naturally suite of products for many years. They are structured to really motivate kids to do their best, and they get my students excited to read and learn new things.


Jan 26, 2020


I am a Reading Recovery teacher by training. I also have a Masters degree in Reading. I tutor a variety of older children too, with many different reading challenges. I’ve witnessed amazing results using Read Naturally with these students. I LOVE that it includes all of the necessary components to a quality reading supplement, namely: keys words, writing a prediction, cold timing, multiple read-alongs with the computer, comprehension questions, and a retelling. Their improvement is fast, significant and appealing to them to track their progress. They love the iPad use too.Thank you for providing this remarkable program that has benefited so many.
Your customer service and technology departments have been so helpful, namely Joel and Michele have helped me countless times setting up my initial caseload. I have talked to countless teachers about how fabulous this program is and I hope that the word spreads!


Sep 20, 2019


The students I worked with in a pull-out session showed improvement quickly. The language arts teacher recently said, "I have never used the program, but I know that it works because they all showed marked improvement! Please keep doing what you're doing!"


Apr 18, 2017


I am using the directed instruction with my below-level second graders. I have seen more than a years growth using this system. We moved through the first level and the students really enjoy the format and the consistency that the patterned method of teaching that Gate provides. We are now using the 1.3 and seeing great results. I see the lessons transfer into their daily classwork. It has been a great addition to my interventions this year.


Feb 8, 2017


I have used Read Naturally, one minute Readers and this year added GATE! This well rounded program has been effective in my Intervention Classes. I have used it with grades 1-3. However, if I need extra decoding practice for some of my 4th graders I pull a story. The nature of the topics of readings initiates conversations and questions that have lead us to search for more information online or in other sources. The program encompasses all important areas of literacy to include, HFW, phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency practice, comprehension and spelling works well in delivery for 30 minute groups. Also best customer service I have had! In less than 20 minutes I received needed material via email! That's service a busy teacher needs to depend on!


Nov 14, 2014


I served as a literacy coach for 2 years and am in my third year as a reading interventionist K-5. I have used multiple interventions but the products from Read Naturally have been my favorites for getting real academic results. My favorite part of my day is doing small group instruction using GATE phonics with my 1-2 grade classes. They receive high quality instruction that hits every element necessary for reading. I also use Read Naturally and just ordered funemics for my kindergarten children. I look forward to starting it after Thanksgiving. If you are looking for easy to use materials that get positive results with complex nonfiction texts then look no further!

Lisa Drake Nov 18, 2014

Tell me about other interventions you have used in the past as comparable to GATE. Thanks!

May 2, 2014

I have used Read Naturally Gate, ME, and Word Warm ups with small groups during T2-3 intervention and guided groups for the past nine years. I am a huge fan of these research-based resources and have witnessed increased fluency and phonics automaticity in students. I highly recommend these products!
Lisa Drake Nov 18, 2014

Thanks for your viewpoint, Patricia. Can you tell me what it means in your district to be an 'Instructional Coach'?

Apr 16, 2014

I love that the newest version of GATE incorporates instruction in High Frequency words into the lessons! High Frequency word recognition is a goal for all of our primary students, and having the instruction and review built into this wonderful program is so awesome! Thanks for making a great product even better!

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