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Setting the Number of Required Read Alongs

By default, the Read Along step is set for three required read alongs. If you have older students, or if you have a student who is close to meeting his or her long-term, grade-level fluency goal and will soon be able to leave the program, you may want to reduce the number of read alongs required.

You may want to increase the number of read alongs for younger students, students who are English language learners, or students with disabilities.

To change the number of required read alongs:

  1. Open the Story Options page, either at the student's workstation or in the Staff Member Module.
  2. Under Read Along, select the number of required read alongs.
    Each story has been recorded at three different speeds, and by default, each reading is slightly faster than the last. For students with more than one required read along, the Auto speed tells the software to automatically set the appropriate speed for each read along. You can also select one speed for all the required read alongs. 
  3. Click Save or Save & Close.

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