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Assigning a License to One Student

Students must have licenses to work in Read Live. You can assign licenses one at a time on the Student Details page for each student, either when a student is first added to the software, or later.

A lead teacher must also be assigned to each student who has a license. Staff members in the Teacher role must be a student's lead teacher to make educational decisions in Read Live for that student.

To assign licenses to individual students:

  1. Log in to the Staff Member Module.
  2. If you are a Teacher, from the navigation menu, select Student Setup.
    If you are an Account Administrator or School Coordinator, from the navigation menu, select Student Administration, and then click Student Setup.
  3. Sort and filter the list of students to find the one to whom you want to assign a license.
  4. Click the student's last name.
  5. On the Student Details page, below the License heading, verify that a license is available. 
  6. Under License this student?, choose Yes
    You can also assign the student access to Word Warm-ups Live, Read Naturally Live–Español, or One Minute Reader live when you give them the license.
  7. Under Lead Teacher, choose a lead teacher for the student.
  8. Click Save & Close.


  • Only students with a Status of Active can be licensed.  A student's status can be set to Active on the Student Details page.

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