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Opening Word Warm-ups Live as a student

When a student has access to more than one Read Live component application, a Student Landing Page opens as they log in for each Read Live session. One icon is shown for each Read Live application available to the student.

Students can move directly between Read Live applications using the student navigation menu. 

To open Word Warm-ups Live when logging in:

  1. On the Student Login page, enter the student's Account IDUser ID, and Password.
  2. Click Log In.
  3. Click the Word Warm-ups Live button on the Student Landing Page.

To move between Read Live applications:

  1. When logged into Read Naturally Live, open the student navigation menu in the header.
  2. Select the preferred application from the menu.
  3. A dialog opens, asking the student to confirm that she or he wants to move to the new application.
  4. Select Yes.
    The student's progress in Read Naturally Live is saved, and the new application opens at the student's previously-saved step.

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