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Playing Wordtastic

Students can complete most of the Read Naturally Live steps independently, but there are some times when a teacher must be present before a student can proceed. Wordtastic is a vocabulary game designed to keep students engaged and learning while waiting for a teacher.

By default, a teacher must be present for the Cold Timing step. If the teacher is required to conduct the cold timing, the student remains on the Cold Timing/Wordtastic page until the teacher logs in. If a teacher is not required, the student will not see the Cold Timing/Wordtastic page.

  1. The student answers each Wordtastic question by clicking the button next to the best answer. The student can click individual words to hear them pronounced.
  2. The software reveals the correct answer, and then the student clicks Next to continue. Students accumulate points for each correct answer. The points accumulated are displayed to help keep students motivated. They are not reported on or saved in the software.
  3. When you arrive to conduct the cold timing, click the yellow Conduct Cold Timing button in the page header.
  4. In the window that opens, enter your user ID and password and click Log in to open the Cold Timing page.

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