Read Live User Guide

Turning recording features on and off for your account

Account Administrators in Read Live can set their account to enable or disable student recording features on the Account & School Administration page. 

To enable or disable recordings across your account:

  1. Choose Account & School Administration from the navigation menu, or select the Account & School Administration tile. 
  2. Under Account Settings, select or deselect the Enable recording features checkbox. 
    The checkbox must be selected for students in the account to make recordings. 
  3. Click Save.

Important Notes

  • In order for each student to save recordings of story and word list readings, Enable recording features settings for both the account and the student must be turned on. 
  • Student recordings are not saved after the relevant hot timing steps have been completed for a story. Access to the recordings is limited to the teacher who conducts pass activities for each story. See the Read Live Privacy and Security Policy for more information.

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