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Changing the Duration of Practice Timings

By default, the practice timings last one minute. However, it may be beneficial to change to a:

  • Two-minute timing if you have a student who is working on the longer stories (level 5.6 and above), or if you want to encourage an older student to read for longer, more sustained periods.
  • Whole-story timing if you have a student who is working on the lower-level materials, which have shorter stories, or if you want the student to read the entire story to increase comprehension. Use whole-story timings with great caution, though, because some students lose their motivation when asked to read the entire story for each practice.

Changing the duration of Practice timings also changes the duration of the Hot Timing for each story.

To change the length of the practice timings:

  1. Open the Story Options page, either at the student's workstation or in the Staff Member Module.
  2. Under Practice, select a 1 minute, 2 minute, or Whole story duration.
  3. Click Save or Save & Close.

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