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Setting the Duration of the Word List Timing

By default, Word List timings are set to a Whole list duration. If you have a student who, after multiple practices and extra support, cannot read a word list's words both down the columns and across the rows, you may want to adjust the student's Word List Goal and/or change the duration story option to 1 minute

The 1 minute exercise option stops each timing after 60 seconds. A bell sounds, and students are asked to click the last word they read when the timing ended. Whether a student performed a Whole list or 1 minute timing, the reading rate for a timing is based on the number of words read in the elapsed time. 

To change the length of Word List timings:

  1. Open the Story Options page, either at the student's workstation or in the Staff Member Module.
  2. Under Word List (Phonics only), select a Whole list or 1 minute duration.
  3. Click Save or Save & Close.

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