Technical Adequacy of Assessments

Data supports the technical adequacy of the passages in the two types of fluency assessments that Read Naturally offers:

Type of Fluency Assessment Description Read Naturally Assessment Tool(s)
Benchmark Assessment Screening tool for periodically measuring overall reading proficiency at grade level
Progress Monitoring Tool for continuous student monitoring throughout the year to measure growth in reading
Reading Fluency Progress Monitor

*Replaced by Benchmark Assessor Live

Benchmark Assessment Passages

The technical adequacy of the benchmark assessment passages is primarily related to two factors

  • Reliability: The degree to which scores produced under standard procedures will be dependably replicated on another occasion, with sets of similar passages, and with different test administrators.
  • Validity: The degree to which an assessment measures what it purports to measure. In this case, the benchmark assessment passages purport to measure reading achievement.

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Progress Monitoring Passages

The technical adequacy of the progress monitoring passages is primarily related to the validity of those passages, based on the correlation between the monitoring passages and the benchmark assessment passages.

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