Read Live User Guide

Setting Up Your Read Live Account

The main account contact will receive an activation email from Read Naturally, Inc., with information and instructions about setting up the Read Live account.

  1. From the Read Live Home page, click Staff Member.
  2. Enter the account number, user ID, and temporary password from the activation email.
  3. Click Log In.
  4. The first time you log in:
    1. You are prompted to change your password. Enter and verify your new password, and then click Save.
    2. On the Set Security Question page, select a question and enter an answer that you will easily remember. Then click Save. If you forget your password, you must answer this question to access the software.
    3. On the Welcome page, click Go to Home Page.
  5. Add schools. 
    1. Each account starts with one school. If you want to rename your default school or add more schools, select Account & School Administration from the navigation menu. Then click the existing school name or click Add School.
      pointer Learn more about adding schools
    2. Reserve licenses for specific schools if necessary. By default, schools can use any available licenses in the account.
      If your account has more than one school, Read Naturally recommends that your reserve a specific number of licenses for each school. To reserve a number of licenses for each school, open the navigation menu and select Account & School Administration. Review all the schools in the account, and then click the name of a school to reserve a specific number of licenses for it.
      pointer Learn more about reserving licenses for schools
  6. Add staff members.
    1. Each staff member who will be working with students in Read Live needs to be in the system. To add any additional staff members, from the navigation menu, select Staff Member Administration. Then click Add Staff Member.
      pointer Learn more about adding staff members
  7. Add students and license them. Each student needs a license to work in Read Live.
    • To add students one at a time:
    1. From the navigation menu, select Student Administration, and then click Student Setup. Click Add Student to add a student and assign him or her a license and lead teacher.
      pointer Learn more about adding students individually
    • ​To schedule an import of multiple students at a time and then license the students:
    1. From the navigation menu, select Student Administration, and then click Student Import. Follow the instructions for scheduling an import of student data. 
      pointer Learn more about importing student data
    2. Once the students are imported, assign licenses and lead teachers to them. From the navigation menu, select Student Administration, click Student Licensing, and then select the school for the students you want to license.
      pointer Learn more about assigning licenses to students


  • Staff member passwords can be a minimum of 8 characters and are case sensitive.
  • Answers to the security question are not case sensitive.
  • Lead teachers are assigned whenever students are given a Read Naturally Live license. A student's lead teacher should be the staff member who makes educational decisions in Read Naturally Live for that student. 

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