To help you grow as an educator and make the most of Read Naturally's programs and tools, we offer a range of professional development options. Choose the option or options that best fit your school's needs.

Teacher modeling, repeated reading, progress monitoring Read Naturally Strategy Training

The Read Naturally Strategy provides the research-based foundation for our core reading interventions:

To maximize student results, all teachers should have training to understand the Read Naturally strategy, how to place students appropriately, how to implement the program effectively, and how to monitor student performance.

These options are available for Read Naturally Strategy training:

Seminar presenter

Read Naturally Full-Day Seminars

Presented classroom-style at locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, and taught by nationally recognized educators.
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District/service center training

Read Naturally District/Service Center Training

Presented on-site at your district location or educational service center, and taught by nationally recognized educators.
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Read Naturally Video Workshop

Read Naturally Video Workshop

Convenient and cost-effective training DVDs for teachers or assistants (includes study guides).
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Read Live Training

To efficiently implement Read Live, Read Naturally's web-based software, each teacher should complete Read Live training:

Read Naturally Live Hands-On Training

Read Naturally Live Hands-on Training and Strategy Workshop

Attend this workshop to expand your understanding of the Read Naturally Strategy and receive instructor-led, hands-on training that explores the powerful functionality of Read Naturally Live.
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Read Live Hands-On Training Workbook

Read Live Training Workbook

Work through hands-on exercises using an online simulation of Read Naturally Live and Benchmark Assessor Live software.
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Read Naturally Live Online Course logo

Read Naturally Live Online Course

This online training teaches you about the power of the Read Naturally Strategy and how to implement the Read Naturally Live program with maximum benefits for students.
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Program-Specific Teacher's Manuals

For programs without targeted training, your go-to resource is the teacher's manual for that program. Each teacher's manual include in-depth instructions for implementing a given program. The following table provides links to the teacher's manuals or equivalent manuals for our intervention programs.

Read Naturally Live pointer Read Live User Guide
Read Naturally Encore pointer Read Naturally Encore Teacher's Manual
Read Naturally Masters Edition (ME) pointer Read Naturally ME Teacher's Manual
Read Naturally Software Edition (SE) pointer Read Naturally SE v2.1 Teacher's Guide
pointer Read Naturally SE v2.0 Teacher's Guide
pointer Read Naturally SE v1 User Guide
Read Naturally GATE (Group and Tutoring Edition) (Each GATE Teacher's Guide explains how to use the program and includes scripted lessons.)
Word Warm-ups pointer Word Warm-ups 1 Teacher's Manual
pointer Word Warm-ups 2 Teacher's Manual
pointer Word Warm-ups 3 Teacher's Manual
Take Aim at Vocabulary pointer Take Aim at Vocabulary Teacher's Manual
Signs for Sounds pointer Signs for Sounds Teacher's Manual
Funēmics pointer Funēmics Teacher's Manual
Splat-O-Nym pointer Splat-O-Nym Online Help

Knowledgebase Resources

Our knowledgebase includes additional resources to help you get the maximum benefit from our intervention programs, including how-to information, answers to common questions, teacher tools, and more.
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Coaching Provides Crucial Guidance as You Implement Read Live

Two teachers, one at computer, one reading a report

After you complete introductory training, Read Naturally teacher-consultants can provide remote coaching to optimize results for your students at three critical points during implementations. Each coaching sessions includes a written report and an hour-long remote meeting to discuss the report.

After reviewing Read Live data, coaching focuses on:

  • Implementing the Read Naturally Live program with fidelity
  • Monitoring student performance
    • Checking Initial Placement
    • Keeping Students Challenged
  • Making changes in goal, level, or program options
  • Deciding when a student is ready to exit the program
  • Other common areas of concern

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Look for Read Naturally at Educational Conferences

Learn about important reading topics and gain insights into our intervention programs and assessment tools by attending Read Naturally's presentations at national and regional educational conferences.
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