To make the most of Read Naturally's programs and tools, we offer educators a range of professional development options. Choose the options that best fit your needs.

District/service center trainingIn-Person Seminars

There are two options for in-person seminars:

  1. Public Seminars presented regionally at a central location.
  2. District Seminars presented on-site at your district office or school location

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Virtual Seminars

Virtual Seminars

Virtual seminars are available for educators implementing Read Live or Encore II. These seminars include live sessions with an expert, including an overview of the Read Naturally strategy, demonstration of the steps, student placement, implementation tips, data analysis strategies, and dedicated Q&A time.
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FREE Online Courses for Teachers

These self-paced courses prepare teachers to implement Read Live programs effectively by developing an understanding of the Read Naturally Strategy, and providing in-depth training in how to effectively implement each program. Three separate courses are available:

Read Naturally Live Online Course logo

Read Naturally Live Online Course

This course provides self-paced, on-demand training to help you implement Read Live’s cornerstone reading intervention. Guidance is also provided for teachers implementing Read Naturally Live—Español.

Word Warm-ups Live Online Course

Word Warm-ups Live Online Course

This course provides self-paced, on-demand training to help you implement Read Live’s individualized phonics intervention with students needing additional phonics support.

One Minute Reader Live Online Course

One Minute Reader Live Online Course

This course provides self-paced, on-demand training to help you implement Read Live’s independent, supplemental reading program with your striving readers.

You'll learn how to set up the programs, place students, implement the steps, keep students challenged, and troubleshoot when a student is not improving.

Note: You will need to create a account, if you don't already have one, before working in an online course. This is not the same as your Read Live account profile. For questions, please contact Support.

Read Live Student Guide VideosStudent Guides to Read Live Programs

Students need training too! We’ve developed training videos to help get students started in each of the Read Live programs. Use these video series to teach your students the steps of Read Naturally Live, Word Warm-ups Live, One Minute Reader Live, and Read Naturally Live—Español.
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To share our ideas and strategies for effective reading instruction, we host free webinars on a range of literacy instruction topics. Please join us for a live webinar when they're scheduled, or watch one of our many recorded webinars.
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Read Live LogoRead Live Help Page

Our dedicated Read Live support page includes dozens of how-to videos and links to resources, teacher tools, webinars, and other materials to help you get the most from Read Live programs.
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Program-Specific Teacher's Manuals

For programs without targeted training, your go-to resource is the teacher's manual for that program. Each teacher's manual include in-depth instructions for implementing a given program. The following table provides links to the teacher's manuals or equivalent manuals for our intervention programs.

Read Live
  • Read Naturally Live
  • Word Warm-ups Live
  • One Minute Reader Live
pointer Read Live User Guide
Read Naturally Encore II pointer Read Naturally Encore II Teacher's Manual
Read Naturally GATE+ (Group and Tutoring Edition) (Each GATE+ Teacher's Guide explains how to use the program and includes scripted lessons.)
Take Aim at Vocabulary pointer Take Aim at Vocabulary Teacher's Manual
Signs for Sounds pointer Signs for Sounds Teacher's Manual
Funēmics pointer Funēmics Teacher's Manual
Splat-O-Nym pointer Splat-O-Nym Online Help

Knowledgebase Resources

Our knowledgebase includes additional resources to help you get the maximum benefit from our intervention programs, including teacher and student videos, recorded webinars, how-to information, answers to common questions, teacher tools, and more.
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All of our public webinars are recorded and available for viewing on the website. These presentations are delivered by Read Naturally experts and provide excellent support to implementing Read Naturally programs. Check out these popular Basics webinars:

To share our ideas and strategies for effective reading instruction, we regularly host free live webinars on a range of literacy instruction topics.

Connect With an Expert

Read Naturally Teacher

Schedule a Session

Look for Read Naturally at Educational Conferences

Learn about important reading topics and gain insights into our intervention programs and assessment tools by attending Read Naturally's presentations at national and regional educational conferences.
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Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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