Read Live User Guide

Independent Placement for Students

To allow a student to use Independent Placement in Read Naturally Live:

In the Staff Member Module: 

  1. Add a new student.
  2. Assign a license to the student, and give the student access to Read Naturally Live.
  3. Provide the student with their login credentials.

In the student module:

  1. When the student first logs in to Read Live, they will open a page with tiles for all the Read Live applications to which they have access.
  2. The student should choose the yellow Conduct Placement button on the Read Naturally Live tile.
    Read Naturally Live's placement process opens.
  3. The student should choose No, I am working by myself.
    The student will begin testing at a level appropriate to their current grade as follows:
    1. Grades K, 1, and 2 start with level 1.0.
    2. Grade 3 starts with level 2.0.
    3. Grades 4 and above (including adults) start with level 3.5.
  4. The student should follow the instructions given in the application. For each placement level in which they are tested, the student will:
    1. Choose Start Timing.
    2. Read the passage aloud while being recorded. The student should speak clearly into the microphone.
    3. Finish the reading:
      1. If the one-minute timer expires, the student should click the last word they read to continue.
      2. If the student reads the entire passage before the timer expires, they should click the Finished button at the end of the passage.
    4. Wait while the recorded reading is uploaded and analyzed for accuracy.
      After a few seconds, the results will be returned, and one of three things will happen:
      1. If the student scored below the range for the level being tested, they will be asked to try again at the next lower level.
      2. If the student scored above the range for the level being tested, they will be asked to try again at the next higher level.
      3. If the student scored within the range for the level being tested, they will be placed in that level with an appropriate beginning story goal.
    5. Continue reading placement passages until Read Naturally Live identifies an appropriate initial assignment for the student.
  • A teacher should continue to monitor the student’s progress to ensure the level and goal are appropriate.
  • Other series and/or level suggestions for the student can be viewed from the Staff Module using the Placement Report once the placement process has been completed.

Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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