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Word Warm-ups® Live

Component of Read Live

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  • Phonics

Additional Support:
  • Fluency
  • Phonemic

Skill Level: Grades 1‒2
Intervention Range: Grades 1‒8

Build mastery and automaticity in phonics and decoding with systematic phonics instruction and multiple opportunities for students to decode and encode words easily within Word Warm-ups Live. Audio-supported phonics lessons allow for individualization and enable students to work independently.

Read Live A Component of Read Live


  • Improve word recognition.
  • Learn to use word patterns to decode rapidly.
  • Read words with the featured patterns in connected text.
  • Decode increasingly difficult phonetically regular words.
  • Reinforce featured phonics skills by spelling phonetically regular words.

Word Warm-ups Live provides...

  • Differentiation for students who need additional phonics instruction.
  • Motivation through graphing progress.
  • Practice and systematic review to solidify learning.
  • Instruction in the most common phonics patterns.
  • An assessment to place students in the appropriate level and lesson.

Word Warm-ups Live develops accuracy and automaticity in decoding through a modified version of the powerful Read Naturally Strategy of teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring. Students work on short audio-supported phonics exercises for as little as 10 minutes a day as reading warm-ups or up to 30 minutes a day as an intervention.


The student clicks on a picture and hears a lesson about the word or letter under the picture. This instructional step provides teacher modeling. There are nine sections, each focusing on phonics intervention for different phonics elements:

  • Letter sounds
  • Short vowels
  • Long vowels with silent e
  • Long vowels
  • Digraphs
  • Blends
  • Vowels with the consonant r
  • Other consonant sounds
  • Other vowel sounds
Select an Exercise

The student chooses an exercise to work in. Each section has six to nine exercises.  Most exercises are word-list exercises, but each section has a story exercise.


If a student selects any exercise other than the story exercise, the student will see the following steps:

Look, Listen, and Respond

The student clicks a picture to hear a lesson about a featured sound. The student responds to the instruction by segmenting the featured word before reading it aloud. Then, the student clicks each of the five words to segment and read each word with the narrator. This step helps the student learn the featured sounds or phonics patterns and provides teacher modeling.

Word List

The student reads the words in the exercise word list, down the columns and across the rows, clicking any word he or she doesn’t know to hear the word read. The student clicks finished and sees the number of words read per minute.

The student practices reading the word lists independently until he or she can read all of the words correctly. As the student practices many words with the featured pattern, he or she learns to decode the pattern more easily and to read the words with automaticity.

This step is the repeated reading component of the Read Naturally Strategy, which helps the student apply the featured sounds or phonics patterns to master the words. This step also allows a student to monitor progress, the component of the Read Naturally Strategy that motivates the student to improve. The student can see the number of words read per minute (wpm) and can compare the number of words read to a rank that runs from Warming-up to Shooting Star.


The student spells five words from the word list. The student listens to a word and sentence about the word and attempts to spell the word. Then, the student clicks Show Me to see if her spelling of the word is correct or if any changes are needed to make the spelling correct. The student gets full credit if she can spell the word correctly on the first try.


While the student waits for the teacher to do the pass timing on the word list and spelling words, the student reviews phonics skills in a game format. All items in the game are clickable to support students’ varying needs.

Pass Timing

The teacher listens to the student read the word list. To pass, the student must read all the words down the columns, then across the rows, at or above the student's wcpm goal rate with three or fewer errors.

Graph of Pass Score

A graph of the hot-timing score shows the student’s score in red along with the rank the student attained.

Pass/Review Work

The teacher reviews the student’s work in this exercise with the student and assigns any remedial options.


If a student selects the story exercise, the student will see the following steps:

Read Along

The read along gives students a chance to read words with the featured phonics patterns in connected text. Ideally, students work through the story exercise after completing the word list exercises.

The student reads along quietly with a recording of a passage that contains words with the featured sounds taught in the section. The read along provides the teacher modeling component of the Read Naturally Strategy, which models correct pronunciation and helps the student learn new words and master others.


The student practices reading all or part of the story independently a set number of times chosen by the teacher. In Word Warm-ups Live, this reading isn’t timed, and there’s no fluency score. In Word Warm-ups, the purpose of the story is to have students read words with the featured phonics patterns in connected text.

Quick Quiz

The student completes a modified cloze question about the story. Each answer choice uses a featured sound from the section and provides another opportunity for the student to use the featured patterns in connected text. Responding to the text also holds the student accountable for meaning.


While the student waits for the teacher to do the pass timing on the Story and Quick Quiz, the student reviews phonics skills in a game format. All items in the game are clickable to support students’ varying needs.

Pass/Story Review

This activity provides an opportunity for the student to apply the featured phonics elements in the context of a story. You may have the student read all or part of the story; modify your expectations based on what you know about the student.

Pass/Review Quick Quiz

The teacher can review the student’s responses to the quiz and offer guidance in how to correct errors. This page has a dropdown to show either the student’s responses or the correct answers. The student has the opportunity to correct the answers if the teacher assigns this option on the Remedial page.

Word Warm-ups Live is a component of the Read Live platform—a subscription program that is licensed per student. Teachers can reassign licenses if students leave the program.

A printable phonics assessment helps a teacher decide whether students should use Read Naturally Live, Word Warm-ups Live, or both programs for students needing phonics intervention. A student must be placed in a level of Read Naturally Live in order to work in Word Warm-ups.

A student works through the sections in the Word Warm-ups Live student program, and the teacher manages the student's progress in the Word Warm-ups Live teacher program.


Word Warm-ups Live includes access to all 69 exercises in nine sections. Each section has six to nine exercises and focuses on phonics intervention for different phonics elements:

  • Letter sounds
  • Short vowels
  • Long vowels with silent e
  • Long vowels
  • Digraphs
  • Blends
  • Vowels with the consonant r
  • Other consonant sounds
  • Other vowel sounds

pointer Word Warm-ups Live phonics elements

Word Warm-ups Live Student Program​Key activities include:
  • Word lists of words with featured patterns
    After receiving direct instruction in the featured phonics elements of each exercise, the student practices reading the word lists to develop decoding skills and automaticity in reading the words.
  • Spelling activity
    The student spells five words from the word list to link the decoding and encoding of featured phonics patterns, deepening the student’s mastery of both reading and spelling skills​.
  • Story exercise and Quick Quiz
    A high-interest, nonfiction story in each section provides the opportunity to read words with the featured phonics pattern(s) in connected text. The student demonstrates an understanding of the story during a Quick Quiz.
Extensive audio support includes:
  • Audio directions for each step of the process.
  • Audio phonics lessons in the introduction to the section and in a Look, Listen, Respond format.
  • A paced recording of the story that models correct pronunciation and expression.
  • Pronunciation of words in the word list or story when clicked.
  • Auditory signals that indicate if a student's responses to the spelling or quiz items are correct or incorrect.
Structured instructional process includes:
  • Automated steps built around teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring.
  • A wait-time phonics-building activity.
Computerized scoring and reports include:
  • Calculation of word list fluency scores.
  • Automated correction of modified cloze questions and spelling items.
  • Graphs and reports showing student performance.


Word Warm-ups Live Teacher Program​Set up of account for district, building, classroom, staff, and/or students include:
  • Enrolling staff and students.
  • Licensing students.
  • Support for Google login using G Suite for Education.
Management of student programs includes:
  • A printable placement test.
  • Easily customized options for individual students.
  • Word list or spelling reports.
  • Printable exercises, reports, and awards.
Online documentation includes:
  • Step-by-step instructions for working in the software
  • Training videos that explain how to set up the software and work with students in the program.


To help you implement Read Live successfully, Read Naturally provides free web resources and tech support.
pointer Learn more about Read Naturally's online resources and tech support

Word Warm-ups Live is an integrated component of the Read Live platform.

Word Warm-ups Live is an integrated part of the Read Live platform. All Read Live licenses enable full access to the Word Warm-ups Live curriculum as well as access to the Read Naturally Live curriculum.

Customer Reviews

May 25, 2021


This past year Read Live has added components of the program that make it convenient for me to offer students a wide range of tutoring depending on their levels and their reading skills. We are just finishing a challenging school year, but one that has allowed me to help my students make significant gains in their skills because of the Read Naturally suite of products which includes Word Warm-ups and One Minute Reader.


Apr 8, 2021

I love the program, and it has provided a perfect intervention for my 5th graders. I wondered if you have plans to add Word Warm-Ups level 2 (two syllable words) and Level 3 (multisyllabic words) to the Live edition? My students' level of participation has increased so much since incorporating the Live edition (over the older version that required CD players (with batteries that went dead, and headphones that never worked). Would very much like to see the next two levels added to LIVE!!
Nelda Reyes May 24, 2021

Carolyn, I'm with you on inquiring about the Word Warm-Ups Level 2 and Level 3. I love that you can place students on the Sequence Stories and then have them work on those Word Warm-Up Levels where they are having difficulty with decoding those syllable types on just words to increase their fluency. I am also a huge fan of the Read Live vs. paper-pencil, CD version.

TJ Ihnot, Marketing at Read Naturally Apr 8, 2021

We’re so glad your students are having success! Word Warm-ups Live Level 2 is in development and should be available this fall. Level 3 will take a little longer, but we are planning to add that content as well.

Oct 7, 2020

no message

Aug 26, 2020


I gave the placement assessment today virtually for the first time to a brand new student to our program. I shared my screen. It was so simple. I was able to place him in less than 10 minutes. With the extra time, I gave the student and his Nanna a walkthrough of the Read Live process from Cold Read to Hot Read all from my computer! Being able to log in as the student makes this possible!


Jun 20, 2020


I had used the paper version of Read Naturally for many years with my English As A Second Language students. I loved the way it let me differentiate instruction and the excellent background knowledge and rich vocabulary the children received from the non-fiction stories. After I retired I began volunteering in an under-served city school district and used the paper program in one on one tutoring sessions with native English speakers who were reading below grade level. When schools closed due to the current health crisis, I didn't know how I could help these children anymore, but with Read Live, the excellent support from the Read Naturally videos and webinars, and the Chromebooks that were distributed to the students I have been able to continue working with my students and experience even more growth in their progress. The children are very engaged in their learning and it shows in their positive improvement.


Jun 2, 2020


A great program. Kids enjoy using it. They see their progress in fluency and comprehension skills.


May 18, 2020


Thank you so much for helping me to begin using your program for my 7th grade special education reading students. I was assisted in a timely manner and I always felt satisfied with the feedback and support provided by a gentleman by the name of Joel Olson. He was patient with me and always took the time to make sure I was leaving our support conversation with the answers to the questions I had. I would love nothing more than to continue using your reading program, however, I will be leaving my current teaching position at Shepherd and moving to Poston, another junior high school in the Mesa School District. I will be teaching Pre-Algebra. I highly recommend this program and would gladly recommend the support staff (especially Joel) to help teachers who are new to Read Naturally. Thank you again for the opportunity to use your program.


May 11, 2020


Your support staff is awesome. I have worked with Joel before. He is truly an asset to your support. Your videos for students have been so well thought out and helpful for them and now their parents as new assistants. Thank you for being so responsive to the needs as they are presenting themselves this year. I have worked with RN since the 90's with the paper pencil version to the SE version and now with Read Live.


Apr 13, 2020


Our school is an at-risk elementary school with 93% poverty. We have been using the program for 5+ years. We are thrilled with the program and love the success rate of our students. Our students are so engaged and love the stories, they even research stories further to learn more. The graphs are motivating and lend themselves to the student success. After assessing students and targeting the students in greatest need we are able to track progress with the very precise assessment components that are part of the Read Live program. One of the great aspects of this program is the variety that is offered. Not only variety in the stories but the variety in the skills that can be covered. The success of any intervention is targeting the skills needed specifically by each individual student.After assessing students and targeting the students in greatest need we are able to track progress with the very precise assessment components that are part of the Read Live program.


Mar 26, 2020


So impressed with the rapid response and with the quality of of the help from the support team!


Feb 18, 2020


Read Naturally is a amazing tool. I have used it as a bridge to literacy for both homeless children with limited education and with adult English Language Learners. It meets the students where they are at provided all the tools we needed for success.


Feb 18, 2020


Big fan! The format/questions align with MCAS and my students (grades 2-5) are loving the online version of RN. Less paper and less planning!


Feb 12, 2020


This program has helped my students grow and they love using it.


Jan 14, 2020


My 4th grade daughter was placed in the ReadNaturally program at the top of the school year and I was struggling with accepting the fact that she was having trouble with reading comprehension. My daughter reads fluently but she was having trouble with sequencing, summarizations, and finding the main idea of a story. I was reluctant but I wanted to help her to become more confident in her schoolwork. Thankfully, this program came along to fill in the gaps. I’m amazed at the progress my daughter has achieved. She’s happier and less stressed while doing her homework and she looks forward to completing her ReadLive stories. We still struggle in some areas but I’ve seen a a major difference in her behavior and her test scores. We will continue to implement this program as long as it’s available. Thank You


Jan 3, 2020


Love, Love, Love this program to help build our students fluency. All of the stories are engaging for the students. The technology is easy for both students and teachers to use. I have seen great results over the past 8 years with our 2nd grade-5th grade students. I would definitely recommend this program as a fluency intervention.


Oct 15, 2019


I believe in this program. I have seen students that were basically non-readers blossom into avid readers using this program. The students love it....they can't wait to get on Read Live!


Sep 20, 2019


I am very happy with this program. It helps teach comprehension, vocabulary and most of all confidence. My students are very engaged and love this program.


Aug 28, 2019


I'm so excited to watch even more of our RSP kiddos move from spending several years of their school career at Preprimer level on AR to breaking that "glass ceiling" the very year they start READ LIVE! This program is changing the trajectory of our students future! This program is by far the best and quickest way to get a child really reading FAST! Thank you,


Jul 30, 2019


Read Live Naturally is the best intervention program I've seen. I've been using it for 3 years. I like watching my students improve in their skills and comprehension. The monitoring system is excellent. It's awesome when I can print out a report to show parents their students improvement. Way to go Read Live Naturally!


Jun 4, 2019


This is the first year for Read Naturally Live for 30 students in a Title 1 Reading and LAP Reading program for grades 2-6. We had been using the old Read Naturally on computers .8-5.6 and before that just on paper. You have come a long ways. I attended the session last year in Las Vegas at the National Teacher Conference. This summer I will attend the Colorado Springs session on June 26 to learn more. I work in a small, rural school K-12 with under 500 students. I am the reading specialist for students in K-6 in the Title 1 and LAP program. I surveyed my students who used the program this year. Overall, they liked the new program and I do hope we can continue to fund the program. Thank you, Mary Johnson 6-4-19.


Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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