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Completing the Word List Pass step

After completing the Spelling step, students wait for the teacher to help them perform a Pass attempt for their Word List exercise. While they wait they can play Phontastic, an engaging word game based on phonics patterns in the current section. 

To enter the Pass step for a Word List exercise:

  1. As a teacher, click the yellow Conduct Pass Activities button in the page header.
  2. Type your User ID and Password in the Teacher Login dialog.
    The Pass/Word List step opens.

To complete the Pass step for a Word List exercise:

  1. As the student, click Start Timing
    The Student can click Cancel Timing at any point to stop the timing.
  2. As the student, saying each word aloud, read the list of words down the columns. 
    The teacher listens and keeps track of any errors made by the student.
  3. As the student, after reading all the columns, click Finished
  4. As the student, read the list of words across the rows.
  5. As the student, after reading all the rows, click Finished again.
  6. As the teacher, use the Number Missed control to indicate the number of errors the student committed during the timing.
    The Words Correct Per Minute change to reflect the adjusted rate based on the number of errors.
  7. Click Next.


  • Word List timings are scored differently in Word Warm-ups Live than in Read Naturally Live. In Word Warm-ups Live, students always read the entire word list. The attempt does not end after a set time.
  • The Words Correct Per Minute calculation is based on the number of words the student pronounced correctly and the total time the student took to finish the list. This calculation means that one error may change the WCPM score by more or less than a single word, depending on how fast or slow the student read.

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