Read Live User Guide

Logging In

Read Live is composed of the following parts.

  • The staff member module is used by most staff members. Staff members log in from the Staff Member Login page.
  • The student module is used by students. Students log in from the Student Login page.
  1. Open a browser, and go to the Read Live Home page.
  2. Choose one of these options:
    1. To log in to the staff member module, click Staff Member.
      On the Staff Member Login page, enter your account ID (from the account activation email), user ID, and password. Then click Log In.
    2. To log into the student module, click Student.
      On the Student Login page, students should enter their Account ID, User ID, and password. 
      After logging in, students with access to more than one Read Live component will see a Landing Page that allows them to choose which application to open. Students with access to Read Naturally Live only will open that application and be returned to their story and step from any previous session.


  • For new accounts, check your account activation email for your account ID and the main account contact's user ID and temporary password. 
  • To easily access the Read Live site each time you open the browser, you can set the Staff Member Login page or Student Login page as a bookmark or favorite. Your browser’s help menu should provide information about setting bookmarks or favorites.
  • Read Live assistants do not have full access to the staff member module. When Read Live assistants log in, they are taken to a Read Live Assistants page with resources to support them in working with students.

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