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Completing the Practice Story step in Word Warm-ups Live

The Practice Story step in Word Warm-ups Live does not require students to read at a goal rate. Students are asked to complete reading the whole story, but the step tracks only a count of their Practice attempts.

Students are encouraged to read carefully in order to answer the Quick Quiz about the story in the next step. As they read, they again encounter the phonics patterns from the current section in the story text.

To complete the Practice Story step:

  1. On the Practice step, the student turns the Reading Guide ON or OFF, as desired or as instructed by a teacher.
  2. The student clicks Start Reading.
  3. The student reads the story aloud quietly and clicks on any words that are difficult.
    The student can click Cancel Reading at any point to stop the timing.
  4. The student uses the page controls at the bottom of the screen to move through the pages of the story.
  5. When the student completes the story, he or she clicks Finished Reading.
  6. The student continues practicing until he or she reads the required number of times.
  7. Once the student has read the required number of times, he or she can click Start Reading to practice again or click Next to continue to the Quick Quiz step.

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