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Select a Book

The Select a Book screen allows students to select a level, a book of stories, and access the placement test.


Each book displays on the screen as a tile with an image and title. 

Clicking on a book displays the Select a Story screen with all the stories in the selected book.

Reset Book

Students can reset stories in a book by clicking the Reset Book icon. It appears as two swirling arrows in a circle.

In progress and completed stories are reset when resetting a book.

Book Summary

If at least one story is complete in a book, the Book Summary icon displays. It appears as a circle icon with small bars within.

Clicking the Book Summary icon displays a report of completed stories within the book. 

Information about scores, steps, and points display within the report.

If a story or book is reset, this Book Summary information resets as well.


At the bottom of the screen are levels. Students can click a level to change what books are shown.

For example, selecting Level 3 will display books from level three.


To access the placement test, students can click the Placement button at the top of the screen.


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