Read Naturally Strategy

A Proven Approach to Building Reading Proficiency

The Read Naturally Strategy combines three reading intervention strategies: teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring​The Read Naturally Strategy combines the three powerful, research-proven reading intervention strategies to create an effective tool that individualizes instruction and improves reading proficiency. Using audio support and tracking their progress, students work with high-interest material at their skill level to improve fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Teacher Modeling: A proficient reader models correct reading for a developing reader. Teacher modeling helps a student learn new words and master others as well as learn proper pronunciation, expression, and phrasing.

In Read Naturally Strategy programs, the student reads along while listening to a carefully-paced recording of a fluent reader.

Repeated Reading: A student reads the story multiple times. Repeated reading helps a student master difficult words, increase accuracy, and improve expression to become a fluent reader. Reading a story repeatedly also increases comprehension and builds confidence.

In Read Naturally Strategy programs, the student reads a high-interest, nonfiction story until able to read it accurately and with expression at a goal rate.

Progress Monitoring: The student uses graphs to track his or her performance.  Progress monitoring involves the student in the learning process, motivates the student to improve, and increases reading achievement.

In Read Naturally Strategy programs, the student monitors reading progress through graphs showing the student's fluency and comprehension performance on each story.

 pointerResearch basis of the Read Naturally Strategy

The Read Naturally Strategy...

  • Builds fluency.
  • Increases accuracy.
  • Promotes comprehension.
  • Supports vocabulary.
  • Reinforces sight words.
  • Builds automaticity in decoding.
  • Motivates students to read.
  • Increases self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Supports English language learners.
  • Differentiates instruction.
  • Provides feedback to students and teachers.
  • Increases the amount of time spent reading.
  • Implements easily with a high degree of fidelity.

Intervention Programs Based on the Read Naturally Strategy

pointer Choosing the right Read Naturally Strategy program

Read Naturally Live logo Read Naturally® Live
Individualized reading intervention program using web-based software

pointer Learn more about Read Naturally Live

Read Naturally Encore logo Read Naturally® Encore
Individualized reading intervention program using printed stories and audio CDs

pointer Learn more about Read Naturally Encore

One Minute Reader logo One Minute Reader® Live
A component of web-based Read Live for supplemental, independent reading

pointer Learn more about One Minute Reader Live

Read Naturally® GATE
Small-group instruction to teach phonemic awareness, phonics, high-frequency words, and fluency
pointer Learn more about Read Naturally GATE

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