Aligned with the Science of Reading, Read Naturally programs have helped a wide range of students significantly improve their reading proficiency. Read Naturally interventions work because they provide evidence-based instruction that accelerates reading performance, as well as carefully designed lessons based on educational research. Studies provide evidence of the effectiveness of Read Naturally's intervention programs.


Learn how reading research forms the foundation of our intervention programs.

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Read Naturally Strategy The evidence-based Read Naturally Strategy combines three research-proven strategies—teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring—in effective intervention programs that improve reading proficiency. These research-based fluency interventions are available in a variety of platforms and technology. 

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Essential Components of Reading Read Naturally's programs develop and support the five essential components of reading identified by the National Reading Panel—phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Some programs also develop spelling, which is now deemed important even though it was not included as one of the essential components of reading. pointer Essential Components of Reading
Research Basis for Intervention Programs Read Naturally incorporates research findings in the designs of its intervention programs. Fluency is an important focus of the Read Naturally Strategy programs because studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between oral reading fluency and overall reading achievement. Take Aim at Vocabulary, Word Warm-ups, and Signs for Sounds also incorporate research-based principles, strategies, and instructional components,    pointer Research Basis for Intervention Programs
Alignment With Best Practices Various individuals and organizations have reviewed the reading research and crystallized the results in recommended practices that they consider to be the most effective ways to develop reading skills. Because Read Naturally's programs are research-based, they align well with these recommended practices. pointer Alignment With Best Practices


Well-designed studies that implement Read Naturally intervention programs with fidelity consistently demonstrate their effectiveness.

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Studies Read Naturally Strategy studies, Word Warm-ups studies, and Take Aim at Vocabulary studies show the positive results from these programs. pointer Evidence-Based Read Naturally Strategy Studies
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pointer​ Word Warm-ups Studies
pointer​ Take Aim at Vocabulary Studies
Reviews of Read Naturally The National Center on Intensive Intervention, Florida Center for Reading Research, and University of Oregon produce accurate and helpful reviews of intervention programs, including Read Naturally Strategy programs. However, some studies reviewed by the What Works Clearinghouse did not use or evaluate the Read Naturally Strategy properly. pointer Reviews of Read Naturally
Technical Adequacy of Assessments Data supports the reliability and validity of the passages in the two types of fluency assessments that Read Naturally offers—a benchmark assessment and a progress-monitoring assessment. pointer Technical Adequacy of Assessments

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