Read Live User Guide

Adding a Student

To add students individually:

  1. Log in to the Staff Member Module.
  2. If you are a Teacher, select Student Setup from the navigation menu.
    If you are an Account Administrator or School Coordinator, select Student Administration from the navigation menu, and then click Student Setup.
  3. Click Add Student.
    The Student Details page opens.
  4. Under the Student Information heading, enter the student's name, status, and (optionally) a student ID.
  5. Select the student's grade, school, and homeroom.
    If the student does not have a homeroom, select "Unassigned."
  6. Under Student Login Info, enter the student's user ID.
  7. If necessary, enter the email address for the student. 
    Read Live uses student email addresses for some Single Sign-On (SSO) features. For example, Google Classroom uses a student's email address as part of the SSO login process. Note that a student's email address must be unique in the Read Live application.
  8. Enter the student's password, and verify the password. 
  9. Under License, you can choose to assign a license if one is available. Being assigned a license enables a student to work in Read Live.
    If you assign a license, you will also need to choose a Read Live Lead Teacher for the student.
    You can also assign access to Read Naturally Live, Word Warm-ups Live, One Minute Reader Live, or Read Naturally Live–Español to any student with a license. 
    As each student is assigned a new Read Live license, the Read Naturally Live and One Minute Reader Live applications are assigned to that student by default.
  10. Under Accessibility Settings, turn on the Enable Student Control of Autoplay Audio and Captions option if appropriate. 
    This option defaults to No. Students with the option will be able to turn on captioning, or prevent automatic audio from playing in applications, across Read Live. 
  11. Under Contact 1 or Contact 2, enter information for any parent/guardian contacts if desired.
    These fields are optional.
  12. If you are finished, click Save & Close. If you would like to add another student, instead click Save & Add Another.


  • Students must be associated with a school. If the student's school is not in the Read Live application, it must be added.
  • Student user IDs are used to log in to Read Live. They must be unique within your account. Student user IDs can be up to 100 characters long.
  • Student passwords must be a minimum of 3 characters long and are not case sensitive.
  • Staff members in the Account Administrator or School Coordinator roles can import data from a student management system to add multiple students at a time.

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