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  • Vocabulary

Skill Level: Grades 1–8
Intervention Range: Beginning Reader to Adult Learner

Build vocabulary with this iPad app that makes learning words FUN! Students independently play a vocabulary word game that includes a synonym activity with over 7,000 questions, antonym activity with 1,000 questions, and 600 meaning-from-context questions. A Lightning Round provides an exciting review. They won’t want to put this vocabulary game down and neither will you!

The Splat-O-Nym vocabulary word game provides...
  • An engaging vocabulary app using game-based technology.
  • Automatic level adjustment based on student performance in the Synonym Splat activity (the main activity in the game).
  • Multiple exposures to thousands of target words, in synonym, antonym, and context-based questions (not only as target words, but also as answers and distractors).
  • An exciting Lightning Round to help students master previously learned synonyms.
  • Audio support for the pronunciation of target words, answers and distractors.
  • Opportunities for students to email results to teachers or parents.
  • Use innovative technology to develop vocabulary.
  • Examine relationships between words.
  • Deduce the meaning of words from context clues.
  • Earn points for effort and performance.
  • Utilize audio support to learn pronunciation.
  • Cultivate word consciousness: awareness of and interest in vocabulary.

Splat-O-Nym is a vocabulary word game that includes a synonym activity, antonym activity, and meaning-from-context questionsSplat-O-Nym is an engaging, independent vocabulary word game that helps students learn words through four fun activities: Synonym Splat, Antonym Attack, Context Contest, and Lightning Round. Students enter the game in level one of the Synonym Splat activity and move up and down through the 24 levels and between the four game activities based on their performance. The game keeps track of total points, saves the level and points for up to six students between sessions, and generates a Results report that provides a snapshot of a student's performance in the game after each Lightning Round.  In all activities but the Lightning Round, students can switch to listening mode and tap on words they would like to hear read for them.

pointer Research basis for Splat-O-Nym

Synonym Activity

In the Synonym Splat activity, the student splats (taps on) the synonym for each target word presented earning points for correct answers and losing points for incorrect ones.  Splatting the correct synonym for four (in levels 1-12) or five (in levels 13-24) target words in a level before tapping two wrong answers moves the student to the next level.  Tapping a word that is not a synonym for two target words in a level (before splatting correct synonyms for four target words) moves the student down a level.  A splatted synonym remains on the screen with its target word for a moment to reinforce the connection between the words.  Target words for which the student tapped an incorrect answer come back after a couple of new target words to give the student another chance to splat the synonym.  If the student taps an incorrect word again, the synonym remains on the screen for a moment with its target word to help the student learn the correct answer.

Meaning-from-Context Activity

If the student taps a word that is not the correct synonym for two target words in a level, Splat-O-Nym presents the Context Contest.  This game gives the student a chance to earn back the points lost on the two wrong answers by popping the bubble of the synonym of a target word as it is used in a sentence.

Antonym Activity

When the student earns enough points playing Synonym Splat, Splat-O-Nym presents Antonym Attack.  In this activity, the student zaps each of three monsters carrying a target word flag by sliding the correct antonym into the horn and tapping it. Tapping on a word that is not the correct antonym for the target word causes the monster to growl and the word to bounce back to the horn.  The student slides and taps word options until tapping the correct antonym for the target word. Splat-O-Nym awards points based on the total number of antonyms tapped correctly the first time.

Lightning Round

Each time the student accumulates 20 splatted target words, Splat-O-Nym presents a Lightning Round with those 20 target words.  During the Lightning Round, the student taps as many synonyms as he or she can in 30 seconds. Splat-O-Nym awards points based on the total number of synonyms tapped correctly in 30 seconds.

Splat-O-Nym includes...

  • Thousands of target words divided into 24 levels, including
    • Over 7,000 synonym questions
    • Over 1,000 antonym questions
    • Over 600 context questions
  • Audio support for all target words, answers, distractors, and every word in context sentences
  • Audio assistant instructions
  • Printable instructions
  • Motivating sounds, graphics, and animations, including a point counter and level gauge
  • A Results report that students can print or email, generated after each Lightning Round (and saved until the next Lightning Round)

You can purchase and download the Splat-O-Nym vocabulary word game from the iTunes App Store. The following Splat-O-Nym iPad apps are available.


Includes all 24 levels.
Size: 75.6 MB

Splat-O-Nym Lite—Free

Includes levels 1 through 4.
Size: 75.6 MB

Customer Reviews

Nov 24, 2014


I asked a friend's son - a bright 5th-grader - to try the app for a few minutes so I could see how it worked. He loved it & played for nearly 45 minutes. He was motivated by several things about the app- the variety of games (synonym, antonym, words in context & speed round), the opportunity to earn back points after a couple of incorrect responses, the visible success meters on either side of the screen. He was very excited whenever his level went up. If I hadn't reclaimed my iPad I'm sure he would have played even longer. Love everything about this app!


Nov 21, 2014


Great App! Students love the lightning round.


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