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Reviewing Student Work

After the student has completed the required activities on the Pass step, review the student’s results together on the Pass/Review Work step.

  1. On the Pass/Review Work step, Story Details tab, review the student's story results.
    The student's pass results are listed in the Summary section. Each item is marked with a star or an X.
    • A star indicates the student has met the requirement.
    • An X indicates the student has not met that requirement.
  2. Click the Fluency, Comprehension, and Retell or Word List tabs to see the student's scores graphed for all completed stories in the level.
  3. On any of the graph tabs, click the printer icon Printer icon to print.
  4. Click Next to continue to the Pass/Remedial Actions step or the Congratulations step, depending on whether the student has met all requirements for passing.

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