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Reviewing the student's Pass / Word List Graph

The Pass / Word List Graph shows the student the results of each Pass / Word List attempt.

The graph includes a Rank image based on the WCPM score. Word List Graphs display the student's Hot Timing attempt, in red, next to the student's WCPM Goal in grey.

Rank images:
Based on the student's words correct per minute (wcpm) reading rate from the Pass / Word List attempt, each attempt is given a rank by the application. Ranks are as follows:

  • 0-24 wcpm: Warming up
  • 25-29 wcpm: One Star
  • 30-34 wcpm: Two Stars
  • 35-39 wcpm: Three Stars
  • 40-44 wcpm: Four Stars
  • 45-50 wcpm: Five Stars
  • 51-54 wcpm: Six Stars
  • 55-59 wcpm: Seven Stars
  • 60-64 wcpm: Eight Stars
  • 65-69 wcpm: Nine Stars
  • 70-74 wcpm: Ten Stars
  • 75-79 wcpm: Shooting Star!
  • 80+ wcpm: Superstar!

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