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Completing the Practice Step

The Practice step requires students to read the text until they are able to read at their assigned goal rate. In this step, students get the opportunity to master the story. By default, students are required to practice at least three times. Teachers can reduce or remove this requirement.

  1. On the Practice step, the student clicks Start Timing.
    When a read along is not in progress, the student can click the highlighted vocabulary words to see and hear their definitions. 
  2. The student reads the story aloud quietly and clicks on any words that are difficult. The student can click Cancel Timing at any point to stop the timing.
  3. The timing can end in one of these ways:
    • If the bell sounds, the student clicks the last word read.
    • If the student completes the story before the bell sounds, he or she clicks Finished.
  4. The student continues practicing until he or she reaches his or her goal and has read the required number of times.
  5. Once the student reaches his or her goal and reads the required number of times, he or she can click Start Timing to practice again or click Next to continue.

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