Read Live User Guide

Moving Between Sets of Stories in a Sequenced or Read Naturally Live–Español Level

In the Read Naturally Live Sequenced series and the Read Naturally Live–Español application, each level includes 24 stories. Students work in sets of 12 stories at a time. When they finish the first set of 12 stories in a level, they move to the second set. At the bottom of the Select a Story page, information about the student's progress is displayed:

Teachers can also move students between the two 12-story sets manually, whether or not the student has completed all of the stories in a set. 

To move a student between two 12-story sets within the same level: 

  1. Make the change when the student has reached the Select a Story page between stories.
  2. In the display at the bottom of the Select a Story page, click or tap on the set of stories you want the student to work in next.
    The Teacher Login dialog opens. 

  3. Enter your staff member credentials and select Log in.
    The Select a Story page updates to display story titles and images from the set into which you have just moved the student.

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