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Using the Waiting List to Help Distance Learning Students

The Waiting List page in the Staff Member Module lets staff members quickly identify students who need a teacher's help. The page lists only students who are currently waiting for a teacher to continue working on their stories. 

Students who can appear on the Waiting List: 

  • Teachers, School Coordinators, and Account Administrators can see students for whom they are the Lead Teacher on the Waiting List.
  • Read Live Assistants can also access the Waiting List. Assistants see students on Teams to which they have been added
    See the Team feature for more information on giving access to Read Live Assistants.

To open the Waiting List:

  1. Select Waiting List from the navigation menu.
    Teachers, School Coordinators, and Account Administrators can also choose the Waiting List tile. 
    Read Live Assistants can also choose the Waiting List link on their home page.

    The Waiting List page opens:
    Waiting List page

    Note: In the list, one row is present for each application in which a student is waiting. For example, if a single student is waiting for a teacher in both Read Naturally Live and Read Naturally Live–Español, that student appears twice on the list. The Application column displays the icon of the relevant application, and the Current Story and Current Step columns give the teacher information about the student's activity in that application.

To use the Waiting List to conduct timings for a student:

  1. Review the Current Step column to see where each student is waiting in his or her current story. 
    To appear on the Waiting List, students will be on either the Cold Timing or Pass steps of a story, waiting for a teacher to help them advance.
  2. If necessary, click the Details button for each student to open the Story Details report for that student's current story.
    The report displays the student's previous activity in the story. 
  3. Review the Recording column to see whether the student has saved recordings for this story.
    If the student has saved the necessary recordings, you can use the Login As feature to conduct a hot timing for any student without the student needing to be logged in. 
  4. To conduct a timing for the student, click the Login button under the Login As column. 
    Note that if the student involved is currently logged into Read Live, the Login button is red. If you open a Login As session while a student is logged in, a warning dialog will ask you to confirm that you want to log the student out. It is important to communicate with students in order to prevent confusion during this process. 
    A new tab opens with the Read Live Student Module. In the new tab, the student is already logged in. 
  5. Conduct a live timing with the student over the internet
    - or -
    Conduct a timing based on saved student recordings. See Student Recordings While Waiting for a Teacher for more information.


  • The Refresh List button on this page can prompt you when students have begun waiting for a teacher, when they add a recording, or when another staff member has helped them move on in their current story. When the button glows, clicking it causes the list of students to be updated.

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