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Setting a School's Licensing Method

By default, students at a school can be assigned any available licenses in the account. If there is more than one school in your account, you may want to reserve a specific number of licenses for each school. Only Account Administrators can change a school's licensing method.

By default, schools are set to use any available licenses in the account. Students at the school can be assigned licenses until the total number in the account is being used. If your account has a single school, use this method.

A school can have a reserved number of licenses. If your account has more than one school, Read Naturally recommends reserving licenses for each school. The reserved number sets the number of students in the school who can be licensed at any one time. Other schools in the account will not be able to use licenses reserved for that school.

To set a school's licensing method:

  1. Log in to the Staff Member Module.
  2. From the main navigation menu, select Account & School Administration.
  3. In the list of schools, review the license usage for all the schools in the account. Click the name of the school whose licensing you want to set.
  4. On the School Details page, under the Read Naturally Live Licensing heading, choose an option.
  5. If you have selected Reserve exactly this many licenses, enter a number of licenses in the box. The school will be able to assign this many licenses to students, but no more. Other schools will not be able to use any of those licenses.
  6. Click Save & Close.

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